Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Saint Patricks Day!

I've got the corned beef simmering in the crock pot, reminded my husband to dig out his one green olive shirt and painted my fingernails with the brightest green shade I could find.


But some of you out there don't mark this day down on their calendar and plan their lives around it accordingly. So I scoured the internet looking for some awesome green pictures. And if you forgot to put on a bit of green just print one of these suckers off and tape them to your back.

For the Foodie:
For the Chicagoan
For the gamer
For the singing frog fan
For the car nut
For the water fan (who is not from a city big into dying things)
And one last one for everyone else who just likes looking at pretty pictures with green in them
Happy St. Patricks everyone! You all come back now, ya hear!


Chesney said...

Looks like you have the green thing covered, Happy St Pat's Day to you too! :)

Kev Stevens said...

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