Monday, March 8, 2010

Team Rogue all the way

Warning - extremely nerdy thing ahead. So nerdy in fact I actually got my own rating from the IWVO!

So if you're not into the RPG scene you may want to turn back now. Maybe get a nice drink from the bar, steal a few of those cheese wedges on sticks and have a nice walk in the warm spring air. I'll call you in when we start talking about puppies or failed recipes.

Over the weekend my husband and I got into one of our usual debates where he expressed his love of acting the part of the human meat shield that takes blow after blow and stands there grinning moronically before smashing everything in his path.

While I much prefer the part of the sneaky bastard, throwing poisons, stunning anyone in my way and sniping whenever I get the chance. (Which reminds me of an entertaining story that concerns Oblivion. I was so big into sneaking and sniping with the bow and arrow there were times I'd have to ask my husband at the end of a big dark cave if I was supposed to kill the person or talk to them. There were a few times an ally wound up with an arrow in their arm and I pleaded ignorance).

This idea percolated with help from Twitter and soon I took to pixel and photoshop to create my own graphics to represent just how much I enjoyed being the sneak compared to the ox.
But you can't have a Ying Team Rogue without its Yang Team Warrior, so the next morning I once again put my watery eyes to computer screen and created one for my husband's favorite form of game play.
But this is really a triumvirate, a love triangle as it were.

So for those of you that are bigger into the chance to throw fireballs or turn your enemies into crates may I give you Team Mage:
Now we're getting the explicit nerd portion of our blog. Because not only did I create these bad boys, I loved them so much I decided to put them on shirts and get one for my hubby and I.

Neither of us are Team Mage but I did for a second think it'd be hilarious if I got a shirt for Es, but it'd wind up chewed into tiny bits.

I've used the hell out of my Cafe Press store, though most of the orders have been to me, myself and moi. Yay for creatively displaying my own personal nerdiness.

And that is what horribly nerdy thing I did over the weekend. How about the rest of you that made it through all those pictures and have a vague idea of what Team Rogue/Warrior/Mage refers to. Did you contribute to the worlds nerdiness in anyway over the weekend?

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