Monday, March 29, 2010

Auction take two

I'm getting more excited for this auction thing. Apparently my painting will be on display for a week in some glass house. By far the fanciest digs any of my paintings have ever been in (I tend to treat them more like dirty socks that haven't quite made it to the hamper.)

I'm just a touch sad I can't actually be there to see the thing in action (I assume of course all the Regretsy objects will at some point come to life and do a reinterpretation of Swan Lake).

However, to sweeten the deal and because I love any excuse to play with photoshop I made a Certificate of Authenticity to go with this one of a kind, never gonna find another painting.

Along with the painting and a free pendant the winning bid will also get this puppy:

I'm not crazy, but I play one on TV!

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