Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Why's there a racoon in my living room?

It's been one of those crazy whirlwind weekends where you have no idea where your pants are, there's melted cheddar cheese in the chandelier and for some reason a raccoon has taken residence inside your entertainment center.

Most would attribute that to a wild college weekend only all this carnage isn't due to 20 year olds strung out on grain alcohol and Big macs. We were visited by a 5 year and 9 month old from Friday night til Monday afternoon. Throw in Essie who was on par with the 5 year olds energy and need to knock over everything in her path and every other word this weekend was either "No!" "SIT!" or "FORTHELOVEOFGODJUSTSTOP!"

I've rented a spray washer to take care of most of the mess, but on top of all that I've got a lovely cold starting at the back of my throat.

When will I post next, I have no idea. But certainly not until I can come up with a plan for the crocodile jammed in our toilet.

In the mean time enjoy this hilarious video. Long Live Deadpool:

Now where did I put that flamethrower?

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