Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Norse Idol

There are a few of my past times that I am rather ashamed to share. Nothing too disturbing involving whips, chains and a couple of llamas. More of the so incredibly uncool it's approaching the absolute zero of pathetic.

One of these is watching and ragging on QVC, specifically the Christmas gift shows.

I know, I'm a terrible person picking on those people just trying to peddle their reverse santa blanket that looks like someone skinned santa and parades around in his pelt or the 10,000 stupid little RC car that the kid will get bored with before the next present is opened.

 Usually I get a good dose of schadenfreude and a belly ache from the giggle and that's it, but this last time I got hit by a touch of inspiration.

It was while they were showing off their "Get him to AA" Santa and my husband and I kept making Bacchus jokes I thought, you know who else Santa kinda looks like, Odin.

He's got the big white beard, the warm furs. Just give him a bit more malevolent stare, a few props and boom.

And we just so happened to have a more rustic Santa we got super cheap last year at one of those "Please dear lord take the last of our Christmas Crap sales."

I give you my own personal Odin:
They're a little hard to make out but two ravens sit perched on his shoulders informing him about what they spotted in the world around him. His one eye is clouded over to allude to the one he lost in order to gain wisdom.

His spear I debarked, stained, and carved from a stick I found out in the yard.

And here's a close up of the head of Mimir he's holding:
He turned out more Rasputin than Norse decapitated head guy but alas I didn't have any good blonde hair around.

About the only thing that I didn't include was the 8 legged horse but frankly no one wants to see that. It'd look like an octopus was getting it on with a donkey.

So thank you QVC, your clearly tweaked out hosts and clutter provided me with a wacky idea and killed a weekend.

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