Monday, September 20, 2010

Ride Horseman!

Being big into the ol' holiday of death I often get asked "So, what are you going as for Halloween? I bet it'll be really awesome."

"Er, uh" I stutter out then I throw a bag of glitter at them and run but boy is glitter restocking starting to get pricey.

There seem to be two kinds of Halloween people, either you're the extrovert who loves the elaborate costumes half of the year spent researching and cobbling together so you can strut your stuff at a party or you're an introvert spending 6 months on a half chewed skeleton corpse inside of a whale to freak out the neighbors and probably make sure no one makes it to your door for candy.

My husband and I are firmly in the latter category.

I have a few go to costumes if I feel I need to wear something but for the most part I like my props to stand out while I blend into the background.

However, in the case of our puppy who would die happy meeting people we get her something rather adorable.

This weekend we snagged Essie's costume (after hours of research):

But you really have to see it in action:

It's almost like the Headless Horseman is glued in his seat. Oh wait . . .

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