Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Trip Down Diptych Lane

But first here to warm up the crowd the happening guy this side of Arlington, the End all Be All, the Harvester from Under.

Put your hands together for the Grim Reaper!
For the next half hour he's going to stand there and grin at you. Enjoy.

Op, looks like another soul has to be claimed and our friend must leave. Another round of applause for Mr. Reaper.

Now onto our main piece, allow me to give you that most rare of paintings - the diptych.

Shh, it's a tad shy so no flash photography for loud noises.

Come on out now:

Okay, now do your trick.

Come on, boy. Do the trick. You know how. Come on. Yes yes yes.

The Diptych everyone!

Tune in next week when we get a piece of colored paper to fold itself up into a swan.

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