Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Paintings, Pendants and Poison Oh My!

I've been scritching and athinking to stock up my Halloween type paintings and pedants so my store doesn't look so unprepared come October.

The first is that I finally listed my Enchantress:
It only took me, what, a month or so. You can see just how on the ball I can be about some of these.

Now for new stuff.

My first 11x14 in quite a while. I also went back into the black and white forest kick too:
I think I called it Dark Forest but frankly I'm running out of good ideas for painting names. I think my next tree painting I'm calling Weeping Clowns on Ice or something.

I have here one of my trading card paintings (or as I like to call them baby paintings) of a Dragon hiding out in a cave.
This was painted on a lazy Saturday when my fingers needed something to do and my brain was off in dragon cave land (I swear I will have one by Halloween come hell or more hell).

Another Baby Painting is a bit more traditional. On the cold wind, in the crunch of the leaves, with the warm comfort food winter lurks beneath autumn reminding us of how short a time fall is: Reflections of Winter in Autumn.
 I wanted to play with the idea of season and how you always feel one within the other.

For the pendant, getting a bit more fairy tale witchy with a poisoned apple. This is my One Bite pendant because that's all it takes:
And I have one that I just finished earlier today that is no where ready to list but it rounds out the list well.
Happy Halloween, MWHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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