Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Very Boozy Unbirthday

So far this week I've shared pretty shiny, nose candy, and now to something to satisfy both that sweet and alcoholic tooth (you should really look into getting that molar into AA, it's a mean drunk).

I first discovered Celebration Generation when I went to w00tstock back in early June. Being from Nebraska it'd make a lot of sense I wouldn't know much about the baker that created the really cool Tardis cake everyone got to munch backstage (though the native sitting next to me let out an audible gasp when the bakery's name was announced):
Once I was back to the land of cows and corn I came across Celebration Generation's head honcho's twitter account through a mutual disdain for Food Networks convoluted and occasionally disgusting Cupcake Wars (do not ask about the cigarette ones, trust me).

I learned that she had a cookbook coming out soon and it peeked my interest. It isn't your typical cake bakery instruction manual, this bad boy is all about baking with booze. There are recipes for Rum cakes, Strawberry Daiquiri cakes, Fuzzy Navel cakes, Guinness Chocolate cupcakes, Peach SoCo cheesecakes just to randomly pick a few.

For not being a drinker (not being able to get drunk kinda takes the fun out of it) I do love cooking and baking with alcohol. It gives such an interesting flavor pallet you don't find in your average cake.

My first major baking attempt came on a cold and miserable night (the best baking time really) - rum and coke cupcakes:
Forgive the not fancy stylishness of the cupcake, I have no skills when it comes to making something look pretty. But oh how divine the cake itself is.

I have a soft spot for cola cakes, the carbon dioxide gives a light bubbly dance on the tongue and the rum blends well not to overpowering but definitely there. It isn't too sweet either an issue I have with most other cupcakes where they pour the sugar on.

We've also got some other crazy concoctions going on courtesy of the cookbook - I've got Skittle Vodka - but once we get the official fall cooldown I'm sure I'll be tearing through this bad boy like mad.

It's called The Spirited Baker and you can buy it here.
Mmm, what's so wrong with eating a cupcake and getting a shot of rum in at 9:30 in the morning?

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