Friday, December 2, 2011

The Geekiest Christmas Tree

December has just jumped up and kicked November hard in its giblets.

Temperature dropped a good 40 degrees over the past two days and there are talks of the first snow which means everyone is running around like a guillotined poultry.

So I thought this was a good time to show off the Introverted Christmas Tree and our more particular brand of crazy ornaments.
Surprise surprise, the tree is mostly blue with some white and green thrown in. I've been searching for a replacement LED star topper that doesn't change colors or do other weird shit and well I finally gave up and got one that switches from blue to green. At least it's not every skittle color in a manic attempt at a Disco.

But what I really wanted to show off were the Ornaments my husband started working on at the end of Christmas last year and accomplished sometime between then and May.
Don't blink, blink and you won't get any presents. He did all the crafting while I did the painting.

To go with the old Hallmark Millenium Falcon and handful of Starships we have a Planet Express ship:
This year I saw that Think Geek had a little Portal turret flashlight that would be perfect for protecting the tree from any snoopers or other people who destroy their companion cube:
I see you. Rat-a-tat-tat-tat

And those are our more unexplainable ornaments (we don't talk about the cucumber) most homemade because idle hands are the devils playthings and he's charging by the hour.

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