Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Keep the Pagan in Christmas

Due to my Ostrich lifestyle I managed to miss most if not all of the fabricated War against an impenetrable concept (which is rather sad as I had some lovely candy can missals all rigged up this year).

At least until braving the relatively empty stores two days after the holiday to find someone sporting a window decal with a silhouette nativity and the dreaded phrase "Keep Christ in Christmas."

So I felt the need to respond in kind, not so much to him but to the universe in general.

Oh I also made a painting yesterday, it was supposed to start out looking one way but I got mad waiting for paint to dry and the sky cracked a bit. This is why I should never have superpowers.

What do you mean you're out of caramel? I SHALL DESTROY YOU ALL!

Anyway, it's a tree with a shattered twilight background:
Paint? Why you no dry faster?

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