Monday, December 19, 2011

Tardis in Snow

Last week I got a for me somewhat hefty commission of the painting onto canvas type in the form of a Tardis in the Snow on a 16X20.

I will admit I was a touch terrified that there was no way I could possibly get it done before Christmas and that it would get caught shipping in that nebulous dangerous time along with all the other boxes hoping for a home.

Not to mention the fact I hadn't really picked up a brush and put to canvas in ages due to this thing called Hallowritinglife. It's a real time suck I swear.

But after making a quick run to the craft store (where I only had to clobber 10 grannies to make it out alive) I sat down with canvas and ruler and sketched out the Tardis.

Once it was there in all its boxy glory I painted the first layer brown, so now I know what the Tardis would look like if one day all the paint fell off. There was a method to my madness but it had something to do with cute hats on newts so it's not really worth mentioning.

The addition of some classic Tardis blue over the top and tada, the beginnings of the blue box:
After that I added all the signs and gave the box some more depth with shadows and a few more layers for a summery cut.

Oh and the tree, the customer wanted a Tardis by a tree. I swear I don't just put trees everywhere I please, generally.
So that's my Tardis in the Snow painting and also why I'm only getting my Christmas cards out now:

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