Friday, December 30, 2011

The Wicked Cottage

After-Christmas, that most holy of time when traditionally septuagenarians bash each others skulls out to get a santa's head that's 75% off, my husband and I like to poke around the little town buildings to see if there's anything we can fix up.

A few years back we got a Vineyard that I turned into a Vampire Blood Bath for under $10.

This year, the town stuff was a little on the sparse side but my husband zeroed in on a cottage so quaint it made Garrison Keillor vomit up rainbows.

While it would work well for the old ladies that were working over the kidneys it was all wrong for our Halloween Town.
Not pictured are the trellis and dog I zapped with the heat gun before attempting to pull off which wound up with the dog's head snapping off.

Out came my black paint, the easiest way to spooky up anything, wetting the brush I added a layer of the runny, drippy darkness:
I impatiently let that dry before adding another coat of black, followed by rimming the various lines to make the windows and such pop. Oh and then killing the foliage.

Now that's a witches cottage!

For one final touch I gave the chickens red eyes because I'm sure if they had the option they'd prefer emu eyes.
And that's why I only use my powers for evil.

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