Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Winter Blunder Land

I'm in denial that it is really December.

Oh sure I'm grateful that November is dead and buried but that hasn't slowed down the business, if anything it's been this strange ride slowly up from October as more and more shit jumps up demanding attention.

At this rate the January plummet shall cause my ears to pop and possible nose bleeds. And then maybe one of those loops in February.

The first snow hit here on Saturday and kept hitting until everyone was shaking their shovels at the sky asking why? WHY MUST YOU BLIGHT US ALL?!

But everyone gets that way with the first snow. For the first hour it's pretty to watch, then as an inch accumulates it's exciting. By hour 4 you're gazing at the long since lost driveway thinking maybe nature can knock it off.

Come hour 10 when one should be sleeping but is instead gripping a mug of hot water glaring menacingly at each new white flake as though it killed your hamster snow madness has finally set in.

For me a fresh snowfall usually means picture time and this was no different.

Of course just because it was snowing didn't mean we couldn't not play with the dog so she was bundled up in her new coat (which she hasn't let us take off since) and since we couldn't make it to the dog park off to throw the ball in the miniscule wooded area in walking distance.

 Out front our little gargoyle has remained from Halloween guarding over our few steps from evil spirits. I don't think he knew what to make of all that white stuff:
A few more hours in and the branch above him had practically obscured poor little Gargoyles vision, you can't frighten evil when trapped under mounds of snow. I think:
And because I have a skeleton and an axe I did my own reinterpretation of Skyrim. Loot the corpse! Loot the corpse!
More snow is supposed to come tomorrow so I'll either be photographing it on top of a tea service kit or really going out of my mind.

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