Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Robot Santa

Our Christmas Tree already houses a Tardis with a weeping angel watching, a Planet Express Ship and the recent addition of a Gun Turret from Portal "I see you."

But that is not enough. No sir! We require more proof that this is not a normal Christmas tree burning brightly with the souls of long forgotten bandits who wandered into the Will o' the wisps lair and never came back.

This one was pretty much all my husband's idea. It kept him busy while I was putting a Tardis in the Snow. He created the model using polymer clay and then I took out some paints, a vaguely steady hand and together we gave birth to Robot Santa:

Now he can decide who'd been naughty and who's been REALLY naughty on our tree.

I hear my husband's next plan is for a Krampus, so I expect a giant war to break out over who gets to punish naughty children at some point on the tree.

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Brandi Mills said...

That is awesome! My husband used to sculpt - maybe I should see if he can make us one. :)