Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Big Boss fights

You may remember a few weeks back I talked about the Monday Demon Warriors, a sort of Role Playing Game I formed on Twitter where we fight the typical Monday Demons everyone has to deal with and have a good quaff afterward.

For each trip I rework the map a bit to show where everyones heading, give a little quest info and sit back to watch the madness.

Oh there's one other thing too, I create the Big Boss (or as I keep calling them The Big Baddie).

I thought I might show off my photoshop prowess (or lack there of) by sharing the past three weeks fights highs, lows and cheetos.

This was the snooze button of death, discovered at the Land of Nod after defeating Count Chocula:
But the Darth Maul infested alarm clock with tentacles that could zap your energy was easily defeated once we figured out the trick (Darth Maul loves Snickers, who knew?)

Come the next week we were off on a triumphant battle of epic proportions (or we just had to check our messages from the e-mail chasm).
Things were going well, the Candy Cane Alien Queen was burbling in a mass of candy goo thanks to the liberal use of her acidic blood (really bad idea to hang out in sugar land with such a vulnerability really) and everyone else seemed to be on a coffee break.

We were skipping merilly along when we came across the E-mail Chasm but it was under attack!
You don't know annoyance til you've had to fight off flying spam. No I don't want your Viagra infused Nigerian Prince. And the submerged phishing ones were the worst, popping up between your legs trying to get a DNA sample to create an evil clone.

About the only way to defeat a can of flying spam is to rip open the top and throw a stick of dynamite in. Or get yourself a fire mage, those are great at just about anything up to and including making sure no one in your party has eyebrows anymore.

But you're all here for our latest fight, and it was quite a doozy.
There were reports of strange disturbances coming from Grandma Nutts place (Stranger than usual at least, and the great Enchanter Tim was nowhere to be found).

As you can see, you do a lot of backtracking in Monday Land but how else can one keep going back to base camp to refill his or her coffee thermos?

Anyway, the big boss fight. The whole reason anyones still reading and probably the most disturbing I've come up with.

Just as we were approaching Nutt's shack a vision appeared before our minds. It showed us strange and wondrous things, people dancing and singing while holding tightly onto aluminum cans, some sort of chip encrusted berserker, talking babies who must be running the Cheerios Mafia or something.

It was horrifying, soul crushing. And just when I was sure our brains would melt out of our ears from the Dodge ads they appeared.

The Death Eater Mad Men!
I'd love to tell you how we were able to defeat these mental demons but I'm still trapped in their 50's June Cleaver hell!

HELP! Someone send reinforcements! Maybe throw a blogger or two at them! Just get me out of here!

Oh God NO! They're going to make me watch Cleaning commercials again! Normal people don't have mops stalking them!