Monday, February 1, 2010

Sudsy Biology

*Reaches behind*

*Pulls out 3 foot long trumpet*

*Takes a breath*

*Bangs trumpet on ground*

Lords, Ladies and Lordly Ladies! I have some exciting, magnanimous rambuctilious news with which to share with all of you people type organisms.

Sorry, where was I again? Oh right, by proclamation of the Duchess of this Blog you are all invited to the Grand Opening of one Sudsy Biology the rockingest, sudsiest nerd fest this side of Comicon.

And just what will you find at this Sudsy Biology? Why every kinds of anatomical soap imaginable.

We've got hearts:
We've got lungs:

We've got intestines:
And for some reason we all have uteri:
Best of all, every one of these little guys comes in its own specially made "Human Organs" cooler:
I've already got 7 different organs listed and a ton more to slowly get up over the week including some more sciencey type things.

Go on over and check out the different fragrance options. Though, we're still trying to perfect the snozeberry.

There ya go, opening of Sudsy Biology. That's about it.

Oh wait, the King still wants Robin Hood dead. Yada yada yada, you know the drill. Now lets all get back to dying of the plague.


Chesney said...

Funny, and great shapes (what I really love is the vivid colors) always think of the unique, that is for sure! :)

megan said...

I love the flask ones the bestest. These are so cute!