Wednesday, February 3, 2010

That's one Soapy Giveaway

Uh oh, I said the magic words.

Soon the hordes from that one blog whose name shant be mentioned upon pain of Avada Kedavra shall be unleashed upon us all.

But wait, I should be safe. It isn't I who is hosting the giveaway. It's my good friend Linda from Silly Little Mischief.

And I'm sharing this good news with you all because she's actually giving away three of my heart soaps to the lucky winner (and I'll throw in an extra random organ because I have a lot of trial runs kicking around gathering dust).
So if you had an interest in my soaps but didn't want to have to go to all the work of paying for them head on over to her giveaway.

It's amazing, I've already sold 7 soaps so far and we haven't been open quite a week yet. What was I thinking getting into painting, body cleansing is where the real money is.

Once more just to tempt the blog gods - Giveaway.

*Lightning crash*

Ep, I'm outta here.


Linda said...

LOL! Thanks for the added press!

megan said...

Btw, I think you could be, and you SHOULD be, charging more for the soaps IMHO. They're freaking fantastic... Except for the foot. The foot freaks me out.

Miss Anne said...

love these soaps! hilarious!

:) not only did i enter, but i also became a follower! :)