Friday, February 12, 2010

Fairly Friday Fun (FFFF)

So turn off that brain, get a giant cup of some sort of beverage (I won't judge if there's a liberal addition of spirits assuming one is willing to share), and settle in for some good old fashioned gleened off twitter humor.

I'm an occasional hashtagger (I can quit anytime I want, now give me that #) which means that when the mood strikes I'll join in a random joke here and there but I don't make it my lifes work (that's cataloging every time the word "marmalade" is used in a move.) Today I spotted a topic that caught my eye and I thought I could spin a bit then share.

Why We Broke Up - The fairy tale edition

1. I got tired of all the woodland creatures in the bathroom staring at me - #whySnowWhitebrokeup

2. You actually look like a dying weasel when you're sleeping. - #whySleepingBeautybrokeup

3. I like chicks with short hair. - #whyRapunzalbrokeup

4. That was supposed to be our dinner! #whyPrincessandthePeabrokeup

5. You left a fine layer of slime all over the kitchen - #whytheLittleMermaidbrokeup

6. Everyone knows I looked hotter as the Beast  - #whyBellebrokeup

7. Our closet is so full of shoes I think we lost a foot servant in there. #whyCinderellabrokeup

8. Every time I call you, you threaten me with gold or a baby. #whyRumpelstiltskinbrokeup 

9.  I'd rather spend my time with a monkey and a rug that can't talk. #whyAladdinbrokeup

10. I found a better pair but in fuchsia with larger buckles #whyPussinBootsbrokeup. 

And that's my twitter funny for Friday.  Anyone else want to join in my Fairy Tale Break up game? There are still lots of Disney Princesses ripe for the picking on.

Now go and share the Friday Joy. I have to get counting, I just got "How Marmalade was the Valley" from Netflix. 

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