Tuesday, February 9, 2010

From the workshop


Como estas? Feliz Cumpleaños. Donde esta el baño? (That's what two years of High school spanish gets you.)

It's been a while since I pulled back the fourth wall and let you all into my little workshop, so I thought I'd share (it would be quite the tease to say I'm going to and then not though). Most of it's glycerin related but there is one painting, which I'll just get out of the way now.

I have a twitter friend that always shares lovely moon pictures which inspire me, and this time I wanted to go for more of a laying on your back perspective with trees. But still keep it just black and white because it's such an interesting contrast

How about I just show the picture instead of trying to explain it.
Because I'm just so awesome at titles I called it Moon through the trees - Grabs at you about as much as Arrangement in Grey and Black, eh?

Now for fun soaps, we've had them made for a while but I've been slowly listing so people don't get glutted with the awesomeness of organ shaped soaps.

There's a stomach that smells like banana bread (mostly bananas and nuts but it's really tasty)
BRRAAAINS! Because what's a zombies bathroom without a few brain soaps:
No one can pass up the hand soap joke, but I like that ours isn't so life like in color but detail:
Can I have your liver then?
And finally for the super nerd, some flasks for all those evil Mad Scientist experiments.
I'll be having a de-stash/grab bag later where I'll put some test soaps up for cheap. They're just fine but I really don't need all the ones I made for pictures sitting around staring at me with their dermis and nephrons.

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Chesney said...

You should just change your name to "Miss Creativity"....the painting is beautiful, and those soaps are just too much fun (where else can you buy organ shaped soaps?) LOL