Thursday, April 1, 2010

baby shakespeare

From those who brought you baby Neils Bohr and baby Curie we are proud to announce the latest in awe inspiring technology for turning your baby into some kind of super genius hell bent on word domination.
The world is your oyster, so wrote the immortal Bard and if you buy these discs and play them non stop in your baby's playroom then soon your child too will believe the plays the thing where in he'll catch the Ivy League.

We have taken Shakespeare's world famous words and tweaked them a bit to fit with today's modern baby on the go.

After just a few weeks of enjoying the soothing colors, calming music and extraordinary amount of ghosts the bard kept throwing in soon your baby will believe herself to be Ophelia about to attempt scuba diving or Juliet seriously overreacting to some bad news.

Baby Shakespeare has all of the bards favorite classics.

There's Hamlet:
Richard the III:
What baby shakespeare compilation would be complete without that teenage girl's favorite, Romeo and Juliet:
And because you cannot attempt world domination without learning from his mistakes, Macbeth:

 Before you know it on the playground while all the other parents talk about how their kids first word was Mama or Dada, your child struck a pose and uttered the soul searching words:

That's right, baby shakespeare, because the surest way to make sure your kid is super popular at school is if they can quote the entire third act from Midsummer Night's Dream instead of being able to tie their shoes.
P.S. This counts as an April Fool's day prank too I hope cause I don't have much else. Ooh look, your shoe's untied!

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Leslie said...

The one with the ball looks SO posed.