Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Halloween Town 2011

On top of the large cemetery that guards our front yard and keeps growing each year (while the neighbors keep disappearing, very strange) we also have a smaller version crashing in the living room.

I was actually debating for a while if I'd even put it up. There's still so much to do and actual halloween prop making stuff scattered all across the house. And then there was the dog's nest. At some point between last January when the tree came down and now my dog claimed that corner as her own complete with a few pillows and a blanket.

But I cleaned up the corner, fought through the glares of murder from the fuzzy head and set her up anyway.

This is the originally Christmas town vineyard that I Halloweened up. The first year we had Es she tore through the house in young puppy fashion ripping out the light bulb and shattering it. But finally I got a replacement and now the Vampire's Vineyard glows like a thousand Thomas Kinkade paintings piled up in the corner and set alight.

The heart of it is the graveyard. Which due to a new piece this year is getting more and more compact.  I hope we don't have to move the bodies and then try to put in a swimming pool.

My favorite piece is this crumbling gothic church. It's got everything: bones, ravens, undead unblinking eyes staring out menacingly from within the ruins. And best of all no one talks, ever. It can just sit there looking spooky.
Dr. F's lab was actually the first moving big piece we ever got. He cackles, he raises his little monster, he cries what evil is this and then repeats. Apparently he doesn't learn much.

This is the new piece for the year, the pit & the pendulum. I did a bit of painting and some fixing but none of that matters when the lights are on as the pendulum swings.
After the break I'll put lots of other graveyard pictures, don't want to clutter the page up too much.

The few Department 56 pieces we have, most are actually Lemax. It's okay if that means nothing to you, just nod and look at the skeletons.

 I love this guy.

And that's this years Halloween town. Maybe next year we can finally make a kick ass base for it.

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