Monday, September 26, 2011

Scars, Bruises, and Cuts Oh My!

About a month or so ago I showed off my first attempts at putting a bullet hole in my husband's head with the generous use of pigments and some latex. It worked okay, luckily we have some better latex this time to help blend more.

But the whole reason that post started was because earlier that day I went to the first makeup tutorial of my life and learned how to make people look not very nice at all.

Once again I used primarily the injury stack you can find at any good Halloween store (generally your exclusive Halloween or party stores)
It's all these pretty colors. Oooh, burn red and infected yellow. If you're there you may want to pick up a stipple sponge and some fake blood oh and could you get me a new set of brushes? Thanks.

Now to dispense some makeup hurt.

For bruises I like to start with purple and dab dab dab with my finger, then some yellow, then some red and keep going back and forth until I like it.

The gash up top I relied mostly upon red and then used the stipple to craft a bit of road rash within the wound with the fake blood.
Now for the latex, you just build up a nice layer using hopefully thick flesh latex again you can find with the injury stack. But don't get the $2 cheap shit because it will work and look exactly like that.
After you have a nice layer of latex just peel out whatever part you want to be the scar, dab in some black paint with a q-tip, cover the latex just like before with the other injury stack colors, drizzle in a dash of blood for presentation and tada a cheap cut.

Really this is quite easy. This was the first time I'd ever played around with any of this stuff:
Which is my nice way of saying, come on anyone can do this. So get out there and make people look like they went through hell and back again.

I really like doing this stuff and hope I get to do more. Anyone know a low budget horror movie that needs a makeup scarer?

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