Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My own Familiar

This weekend the football game was away which meant for one of the rare weekends in the Fall the stadium didn't become the third largest city in Nebraska and we could take a trip down South.

South is my mecca of painting supplies and okay generally that's it. There's actually a whole outside mall with shops and things that people exchange money for goods. At one point in time I even dared to spend time and coin inside of it but that seems like a lifetime ago, when we were all a little younger and not fighting off packs of feral rabid hamsters for the last crumbs of food.

But this time we had a few minutes to kill and wandered into the hidden depths of a Hallmark to catch a glimpse of this years ornaments. I guessed the Sphinx's riddles right and killed the minotaur but only got the Gordion knot even more stuck so we didn't get much of a glimpse.

Out of the corner of my eye I spotted this hanging conspicuously for her profession.

I was smitten, perhaps it was the mask that carefully constructed to hide her identity from any would be wanted posters or merry men that wander aimlessly through forests looking for someone to follow.

Or perhaps it was the little outfit, not quite forest ready but maybe it was laundry day for the rogue.

Oh who are we kidding, it was the sword. Gets me every time.
 Actually the sword was originally just a plastic round stick but I remedied that with my trusty exacto blade and a cautious hand lest I lose a thumb.
I don't much use key chains, and was never much a doll person (more dolls needed to come with weaponry. Who wouldn't love a bad ass barbie covered head to toe in swords?) but it's good to know in case it should ever come up I have an easy Horcrux.

And trust me, it's going to come up.

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