Friday, September 2, 2011

Using my Photoshop for evil

When it's the doldrums between holidays anyone actually gives a fig about I like to whet my photoshop skills on random puns and jokes.

Here are some of those terrors:

A real life Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

What's the point of photo manipulation if you can't make a horrible pun?
And finally, this image was received in one of those stupid FWD chain mail e-mails that prove gullibility will never die. Once I recovered from laughter (about an hour with a lot of water drinking, it got so bad I had to have someone give me hiccups) I changed the text a bit.
And if you're a huge LOTR nerd then you'll want to check out my Wedding Palette over at Geeks Celebrate for the week.


Tayia said...

Hi! You may not remember me but we used to comment to each other some. Anyways, I came across this picture and it made me think of you. :) Thought you'd enjoy it. Actually it's on Etsy so you've probably seen it before. LOL.

Daniel Rooney said...

I like the take on your photoshop work. This is awesome work.