Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Essie, the mountain goat

On the weekends we like to take our little girl to the local doggie park so she can stretch her legs and run around like an idiot. (Running around like an idiot is like a Dog Past time, right up there with barking at the neighbors and eating out of garbage cans).

Her lab genes are kicking in big time as she spends half the time with her nose glued to the ground sucking in all the great smells and the other half running back and forth from my husband and I back out to whatever smelled so good.

Usually after she's calmed down and is ready to play we pull out a ball and throw it for her a few (thousand) times. Only on a recent trip she's discovered a large dirt pile in the middle of the park and as this video shows you she doesn't need us anymore to play:

While I was working on this post our little girl decided she needed to investigate the chair when I got up.

First she just put her paws on it, which I thought was adorable and wanted to take a picture. Of course once I turned the camera on she got down and gave me a "What do you want" look. So I coaxed her a bit to see if she'd get back up.

And instead of standing up she decided to get fully up into my desk chair.
I didn't know there was any mountain goat in her lineage.
As I keep telling her it's a good thing she's so damn cute so she can get away with all these crazy things she does.


Chesney said...

I don't know what is cuter, Essie or your giggling! :)

I think Essie is taking after you, looks like she soon will be a blogger! :)

Rachel said...

Okay, so I don't have a sound package on my computer, so I couldn't hear you giggling... but I was giggling at Essie! How cute - puppies are so fun as they "learn" about the world around them.
"Hey look Mom! I can roll my own ball to chase!"

Oh, and I haven't seen Rascal try to act like a billy-goat, but JJ and Murphy are quite adept at billy-goat imitation. JJ can and will stand on the arm rest for our office chair. The arm rest!
Looks like Essie's just trying to say "hi" to all of us!! ;-)

Krista said...

I really do love Essie the Mountain Goat!

I nominated you for a blog award. Feel free to accept it. Or reject it. Whatever you like! :)