Thursday, December 17, 2009

Erasers for the Foodie

Last night my husband and I made a rare trek away from our nice warm hearth (I'm guessing anymore the hearth is actually the water heater) to attend the Christmas shorts version of RiffTrax live (which if anyone is interested they're replaying tonight). Wonderfully great time all around, I liked that it was just the guys (and Weird Al) riffing and having fun and not a lot of filler in between.

Most normal people after a night out at the theatre would then, say, go and get a bite to eat or a drink or something. But not me and my husband, no we got something so much cooler.

After the show we headed across the street to a Shopko (kinda like a Wal-Mart without the yuck factor or a Target without the Hipster factor) because I needed more tape to send out some packages and while on a bit of a euphoric giggling high we found these:
They're actually little erasers but shaped like food. And they had tons of options: sushi, baked goods, ice cream, donuts and some non food ones like tools or tooth brushes.

My husband fell for the hamburger, fry, soda combo while I couldn't get over the mix and match meal in pots and pans.
But these aren't just erasers shaped like food perfect for the food lover who also draws a lot or the artist who likes to eat (you know, all starving artists). No, they're also little puzzles.
Mine is probably the easiest to mix and match but it still is a lot of fun to pull the burger apart and remake it your own way (take that Burger King!)
They're called Crazeraser and alas aside from the main website about the only place I seem to be able to find them in a store is at Shopko (which only exist in Nebraska and Wisconsin) or from the main distributors website. But it looks like if anyone is interested you can order some from them.

I bet they'd make a really neat gift for any sunday school/birthday/yay it's labor day gift for kids.

Or just an awesome gift for anyone who loves food and erasing small pencil lines.

And if anyone actually did attend the Rifftrax live Christmas Shorts extravaganza last night you may enjoy this little picture I hammered out this morning:
Merry Erasermas and Happy Non Conformist Day!


Atchka! said...

Woo! for Rifftrax!

How have you not taken part in my MST trivia yet???


Linda said...

When I was in 4th grade easers that looked like things were all the rage. I collected hundreds of them but none are as cool as those. I might have to start collecting again.

Chesney said...

So cool I could almost eat them! Leave it to you to find food erasers LOL