Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Oh no, my spleen!

As some of you know I am on this twittery thing and occasionally I start a little game here and there to help pass the time.

Your "Dumbest Horror Movie" or say your "Bad Car Names," that may capture the joy and imagination of some corner of the twitter universe (Dumbest Horror Movie got so popular in fact Diablo Cody even chimed in a few times).

Yesterday one of my twitter buds had her son at her job, bored out of his mind so he took to drawing her some awesome pictures which she shared on the Tritter thing.

I found one of them so hilarious I started my own hashtag game based off it called #ohnomyspleen.

It's pretty easy to play, just start a sentence and end it with #ohnomyspleen.

Friends, Romans, Country men lend me your #ohnomyspleen

It's Shake 'n' Bake and I #ohnomyspleen

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack frost nipping at your #ohnomyspleen
Or the one to start it all:
Just as I was going to sign the Magna Carta #ohnomyspleen

I wanted to share because she actually wrote a blog post about the good times had by all yesterday and also to prove that I don't just make up everything I claim here in my head (I'm not quite that crazy yet, we'll see after the holidays).

So go and check it out, especially if you want to see the drawing that started it all.

I'll just be on twitter trying to start another phenomenon. I'm trying to get #ninjapuppy to stick but so far no dice:


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I love reading your tweets. Always something amusing. I'm on there but rarely tweet myself.