Friday, December 11, 2009

The great blizzard of '09

When one buys their first house they soon realize that they just agreed to doing things for the rest of their lives the old apartment complex took care of: mowing the lawn, raking the leaves and the clearing of snow from the driveway.

We knew that we'd have to scoop at least a few times this year. Nebraska has been known to get a good couple inches every now and again but never anything in the Himalaya range of snow fall.

But what came down earlier this week was something completely different. It started Tuesday morning and my poor husband trounced out to work with the snow piling up hard and fast burying most of the roads and all of the sidewalk only to have the university close down at noon.

While I held the puppy he scooped the snow out of the driveway (it was a trade off as I'd cleared it all the day before for the pre blizzard snow fall).

Essie wasn't so sure what to make of all this. A little bit of snow was no big deal but it was already over her ankles and heading higher.
Our poor snow people were lost in the clay of their own bones.
With everything cleared off we all headed inside to try and warm up and watched as the snow kept coming and coming in powdery soul crushing clumps.

Two hours later we were back out and you wouldn't have known that the driveway had already been scooped once before.

It got so bad the broom I'd used outside to brush off the deck almost vanished beneath the snow in those few hours.
The snow kept falling all through the night (and it was so much of a shock that the University closed down the next day as well which never ever happens) so against her better judgement Essie came to realize that she was just going to have to accept all this white stuff in her back yard.
There are still drifts that go up to her chest and we've lost two tennis balls and her all time super favorite yellow rubber ball out in the yard somewhere.

It was pretty cute actually, she'd run out in the yard to chase it but wouldn't pick up the ball because it was covered in this cold wet stuff. She'd just look back at me with a confused look and then puppy bounce back deeper into the snow.

And that was the great blizzard of '09. It's still subzero temps out so this snow isn't going anywhere for quite a while.

Thank God we are staying close to home for Christmas because I sure don't want to be driving far in this mess.

Has anyone else been caught in the great blizzard of '09?


Chesney said...

Essie is so cute in the snow - I love the snow all over her black fur! My dogs just sink and get lost in the snow, they put their little paws out the door and if it is wet or too cold they come running in (then I have to carry them out and put them on the ground - they potty - then I carry them back in) Talk about being spoiled.....I just wish it would warm up! :)

ashinwi said...

Yep, we got stuck in the blizzard! Shoveling 17 inches...not fun. But the dogs sure do enjoy diving around in it!

valerie said...

Yikes. That's lots of snow! We got a mere one inch of snow in middle TN. Pretty sad. My sister, however, in Madison, got a wonderful foot or so of snow. UW-Madison canceled classes too. Crazy stuff. And I think it's waaaay cold when the high is 36 here, ha.

Princess Christy said...

Yuck! Poor Essie - I know my dog is mad because it's so cold. We only got enough snow Monday morning to mess up the morning commute (mine took over double what it normally does, and that was relatively short!) but it's cold cold cold!

withoutadornment said...

Yep! The last week or two have been chilly with lots of snow. I'm thankful that I live fairly close to the uni, so that I have a smaller chance of being late for my finals!

Jennifer said...

I love the photos of pretty Essie and the snow.

btw, I gave you a blog award.

Rachel said...

Look at all that snow!!
Essie is so cute with all the snow on her nose. She looks like she is having tons of fun with it! I love that she attacked your evil snow man! You know if he ever comes to life, you're protected!