Thursday, December 3, 2009

Picture a Day - Rerun #1

Well I managed to keep myself away for a whole 3 hours. That's pretty good actually. Hopefully by the weekend I can get it up to at least 24.

This originally ran way back in 12/11/08 and was one of my early take a camera into a store and snap pictures attempts. It was so cute how secretive I was back then, afraid someone might yell at me. Now I pull out the camera and snap away with apparent glee.

Hope you enjoy old Picture a Day - Day 9

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to infiltrate that retail behemoth known as Wal-Mart (alias Wally World or 'For the love of God just tell me where the canned green beans are!') You must acquire two special food items for your out of state in laws that apparently only exist at this establishment in Nebraska.

Here is the list of items as well as a credit card and a cattle prod. Be warned, it is approaching the holidays so the Wal-Mart alert level has been upgraded from "slightly annoying" to "just leave the kid and run!"We plan our assault for black as midnight 6 PM (it is winter after all). Hopefully we can get in and out before anyone notices us.

We're being attacked! It's a huge pile of Santa cakes! Don't look into his eyes, he's sure to suck you into his soulless dimension filled with elves, hammers, and fireplaces.Look! The perfect answer to the Santa cake attack. Coke grenades!Run! Run to the coffee aisle!

Please tell me we found the right brand/right flavor/right level of caffeine?Hurray! We've succeeded. We can buy up the last of the Pears Coffee and Dorothy Lynch as we prepare for the coffee & salad dressing apocalypse!
Now, let's get the hell out of here before they send the shelf stockers after us.


Rachel said...

LOL!! I remember this one.
Yes, Wal-Mart is a total nightmare this time of year. It's amazing the types of people you can see there.

They had some good deals on Black Friday, but we decided that they weren't THAT good... after all, we'd have to brave the Wal-Mart crowd on Black Friday! LOL!! We decided to PASS on those "deals".

Chesney said...

I don't think you are "able" to stay away for long LOL Blogging becomes a bit addicting - doesn't it?