Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Body Soap

Hi everyone, if you're a bit curious why it's been a little light around here every year the University shuts down for the week between Christmas and New Years so my husband is home and we're getting up to wild and crazy things.

Or we were planning on it right up until God thought the world would look a lot better buried under two feet of snow (you should see the pile from the Walmart parking lot though, I think we finally got some mountains in Nebraska).

Now that we've tried to take over Christmas and failed miserably we're back to planning next years Halloween.

There has been making jars for specimens (which are a few days from being complete so I'll show later, I promise) and ordering of lab coats (you can get anything off Amazon). Eventually we want to make some scary heads for static props (one a Dwarf, the other a science experiment gone wrong).

But in the mean time I've stumbled across a Halloween project my husband and I can work on together that's also entertaining year round.

You may remember back in October my husband had a crazy idea to make chocolate body parts. He got as far as sculpting the Liver and the Brain to make molds and then got derailed because cornstarch couldn't hold the details.
A google search and online purchase later and I found some amazing silicone putty that will create molds of whatever you want in less than a half hour.

And while reading through the list of just what all you can use this stuff for an idea popped into my head, what if for Halloween I make a little coffin shaped soap dish and put a bunch of organ and other body shaped good smelling soaps in it.

A soap making kit purchase later and here's the first test run of the four body parts we currently have.
There will be a lot more playing, a lot more figuring out colors and I was told of an awesome website for really cool fragrances so each body part can smell like something different.

The test runs actually smell pretty good right now but I've got wild/crazy ideas.

What do you think of mine and my hubbys body parts soap? You kinda have to get more into the Halloweeney mood, but it sure is fun.


Chesney said...

Girl you make me laugh! You have to get over the Holidays before you run back to Halloween....only you would make body parts into soap...I can hardly wait to see your display next year, I can imagine how original it will be!

Linda said...

A very neat idea. I like the idea of different scents.

wellroundedtype2 said...

I like them. The heart one especially, and the brain soap. I don't know what I would expect them to smell like.
Maybe the heart one could be some sort of warm, love-y scent, and the brain one a sort of clean scent.
I really have no desire to own a liver soap, though.
A pancreas soap, though... definitely something sweet :-)

Ruby Slippers said...

You guys are so frikkin awesome. That is all.

kevin grim said...

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