Monday, December 7, 2009

Pendants, Pendants everywhere!

Websters dictionary defines the pendant maker as "overly concerned with minute details or formalisms, esp. in teaching."

Which may explain why I like making them so much. I can stress over all the little details and paint and repaint to get just the perfect shading on a 1 inch piece of wood as opposed to a 16X20 inch canvas.

(So sorry about the word joke. Someone must have slipped some alphabet soup into my coffee this morning. It won't happen again, I promise).

When not working on finishing up a huge wedding painting job, (which I'll share later) I've taken my mind off it by making little pendants.

There is the Menorah one I have for sale, probably mentioning it a bit late as Hanukkah starts at the end of this week but I can still show it off!I've listed a completely customizable tiara pendant for any little girls that want their name and a pretty princess tiara on a necklace. It can be any color combination and tiara style the buyers want.
Which then lead to my best friend having a neat idea as a present for some of her younger relatives.
It's a dinosaur and two horses! Okay so I only bothered to upload the one horse but my husband said it reminded him of Shadowfax so I thought it deserved the spotlight after having to cart Gandalf all across Middle Earth like that.
And this last pendant was born out of a twitter discussion where I asked what you'd like on a pendant to give to someone (in this case I was wondering if dinosaurs but with more girlish colors would work well but someone pitched something that I got a neat idea for).
My rocking Pink Guitar is available for sale here and turned out really cool. I love the juxtaposition of traditionally girly pink and hard black and white electric guitar.

If you were to send a pendant to someone whatever age for Christmas what would you be hoping to find on one?

Also if anyone has little kids or knows some little girls that are huge into Dinosaurs I'd still love to make a more girl friendly dinosaur. Or it could be the typical T-Rex with blue and green. I know I'd have loved that when I was younger (okay I'd still love it now).

It's hard to believe but I've almost hit the end of my 20 bag of wooden discs. I had no idea they'd be this popular but I love making them so bring it on!


blueskies16 said...

I saw your tweet and looked over your latest pendants. My daughter and I both loved the dino and the horse. Nice work!

Leslie said...

FYI: they're not for cousins, but rather Brett's playmates at daycare, but whatever. I LOVE THEM! And now that you say that. The white one does look like shadowfax.

PS. I'm SO glad you found something you LOVE to make. Have a great time. Glad I could do business with you.

Rachel said...

I hope you at least slept in or something!

I like the little princess pendant, very cute!
And the horse looks like my sister's old horse.... Shadow! And she had him way before the movie came out. In fact, maybe they based the horse in the movie off of hers! ;-)

Linda said...

Amazing job on that horse.

Chesney said...

Ohhhh, you are expanding your horizons - creative new designs! If I were a little girl, I'd want a pink and purple dinosaur in a tierra!

blueskies16 said...

The female dinosaurs on Dinosaur Train have long eyelashes. :)