Friday, December 4, 2009

Picture a Day - Rerun #2

We just started our Lego Advent Calendar for this year (I think we finally get Santa) so in honor I thought I'd dig up that one time last year when Lego Land had an unexpected visitor.

It's a bright, shiny and Technicolor day in Lego land. Everyone is hustling and bustling to get in some of those after Christmas sales.When suddenly the ground tosses and turns as though it had a really bad New Years eve.
It's a bird! It's a Plane! No, even worse. It's Godzilla!

Run, flee in terror. Godzilla is here to smash the town!
Wait, it looks like he just wanted to get some of those 75% off Christmas garland and a nose hair trimmer set. Even a radioactive lizard can't stay away from these amazing deals.
Too bad he landed on Earl. Oh well, I never really liked that guy anyway.

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