Saturday, December 26, 2009

A surprising Christmas Present

While I was camped out on the couch with the puppy spread over as much of my lap as possible I got a little bored Christmas Eve and took to surfing a bit and checking out my Etsy shop.

I was confused at first because one of my paintings suddenly had a good 30 more hits than it did yesterday and this seemed very absurd because who goes online shopping on Christmas eve?

I checked Analytics but aside from the higher number nothing seemed out of the ordinary (it certainly wasn't high enough to be on Regretsy that's for sure). Then I thought, hm, what if I look at craftcult, a helpful place for any Etsy shop owners to see some quick stats, who hearts you and if you've been featured anywhere.

Usually I tend to ignore that last part as my stuff hasn't been featured on Etsy ever but low and behold late Christmas Eve as the fire was embering in the Chimney I discovered this:My Winter Scene scape painting was featured in the Merry Christmas article put out by the Etsy Admins.

To tell the honest truth I was really floored because I didn't think my painting was anything all that wonderful, I've certainly made more interesting trees before.

But it was a lovely Christmas surprise to find that something of mine had been shown to the Etsy community at large for once, even if it was a time when almost no one is going to be online except for snow trapped people and their snuggly puppies.

I was also wondering if you all wouldn't mind doing me a tiny little favor. And all you have to do is click a link.

I managed to make a Treasury devoted to One of a Kind items found on Etsy with a winter theme and in order for it to get a bit more exposure it just needs some new clicks over there to visit and maybe a few clicks on things that are inside it for sale.

That'll give it more exposure so more people will see it and maybe one of the pretty things I featured will be purchased.There's another row of goodies but you'll have to click on over to see (not because I'm trying to be evil, I'm just very lazy).

Thanks so much to everyone who clicks and Merry Christmas.


Chesney said...

Merry Christmas to you - that is wonderful, btw, I did some clicking... :)

Leslie said...

I clicked for you!

JuliaA said...

congrats on getting featured!