Monday, April 28, 2008

The art of TP

My invitations came in over the weekend and as I picked through the numerous boxes (who knew pieces of paper could weigh so much) and checked it to make sure all the names were spelled right. (So far so good, we're hoping it doesn't suddenly change over night).

As I was digging through the boxes I found two packs of something white and sort of soft. That's when I realized that it's tissue paper. Really, tissue paper?

Our invites are pretty simple, just a nice printing on some cardstock. I don't think we have to worry about the text all vanishing (unless the gremlins who hide in mail boxes pop up again). It doesn't help that the invites are rather long while the tissue paper is about one sheet TP size.

Since there's no way it could actually be used in assembling my invites, I've set out to figure out just what I am supposed to do with the tissue paper.

My MOH's first suggestions was I had to cover myself in it before starting to fill out invites. It does make some sense, being left handed I do have a habit of covering myself in ink, marker, glue, and spray paint.

I realized that that wouldn't really work as I usually just rely on Magic Eraser from Mr. Clean, so then I wondered about using it as a craft project for all the kids that will be running around. But I have a funny feeling all the dipping into paint will only lead to green and blue children covered in glitter. Though they will probably be really excited about it.

I could give everyone a really tiny gift covered in the tissue paper, but all I can think of that would fit is some gravel. (It would be an interesting twist on the ol giving people a sapling to plant, instead they can start their own rock quarry).

For now, I think the tissue paper is just going to sit in the box waiting and plotting. Is anyone else not sure what to do with any TP they receive?


Amelia said...

I think you're supposed to put it inside the invitation, over the printed part. (at least, I got an invitation recently that was put together like that). I think it's to keep the ink from rubbing off onto the rest of the invitation, but that's totally just a guess.

Guilty Secret said...

Yeah, you're supposed to use it to stop the ink running off... what a load of crap! What kind of 16th century ink are they using?!

Gotta go now, but just wanted to say I have very much enjoyed catching up on your blog so far! I'll be back to read more soon :)