Thursday, April 17, 2008

We announced our engagement . . .

to everyone in the noun.

If you're around my age, you spent many days of your youth playing the joy that is MadLibs and trying to insert dirty words wherever and whenever you could. (Our favorite adjective is horny).

Well now they've come out with Adult madlibs
The best one we've got has been the Bachelorette Bash. It has everything from a story about The venue, the proposal, asking the maid of honor, to winning over the in-laws.

It's a great way to work through some of those wedding jitters, or at least get together with your friends, get some booze, and make your own drinking game.

(Take a shot every time someone needs a noun).

The other Adult Mad Libs are
  1. Test Your Relationship I.Q. - this one seems to not have been edited as well and is missing a few words it asks for.
  2. Party Girl
  3. Dysfunctional Family Therapy
  4. Keepers and Losers
  5. Advice for the Lovelorn
  6. Mama's got a brand new (Diaper) bag
  7. Who Moved my Cubicle

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