Thursday, April 10, 2008

Smells like a bachelor party

For any brides worried that their guy might go a bit too overboard on their own bachelor party here comes HotWicks.They've got everything a guy could need to relax with his friends and have a nice game of bridge while imagining he's surrounded by beer and strippers.

That way you can keep good track of him, and he can try to convince all his other guy friends that he had one hell of a wild night.

All kidding aside, I am tempted to get one for my guy (especially the beer one) as it's probably the closest candle that you'd ever find that smells like bread. He has to put up with enough of my Yankee Candle nuttiness.

1 comment:

Guilty Secret said...

Wow, a candle that smells like freshly-baked bread? that would be cool!