Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Of all the accomplishments we have made: man on the moon, moon pies, pies in vending machines, vending machines that kill, why can't we figure out how to cure canker sores or even what causes them?!

I have been cursed with these horrors since I was a child. And before you all go running, no they are not cold sores. Cold sores are on the outside of the face and are from Herpes. Canker Sores are on the inside of the mouth and are caused by Satan.

People usually get them when their body is under some kind of stress be it the pressure kind, the illness kind, or the chowing down on a lot of acid kind.

I've been fighting a doozy for over a week now and it just made me realize that I really don't fear acne breakouts, bad hair, or a killer clown on my wedding day as I do having a mouth full of the cursed canker sores.

I have yet to find anything that really helps. I have some orajel which will numb it for an hour at best. Though I also get to look forward to drooling all over the place as it also numbs over half of my mouth.

I've seen everything from baking soda to eating yogurt (I am beginning to suspect the yogurt company has deep pockets and will convince people to eat the stuff for anything--broken bone? Try Yogurt!) Some stuff is even contradictory from rinsing with salt water to avoiding anything with salt that could inflame them more.

Does anyone have any better cures than just shoving your head underwater til you pass out?

Since this had nothing to do with nothing here's a random wedding picture.


Anonymous said...

Actually, I have a remedy! I was the same as you always getting those stupid things & it sucked. I found that using toothpaste that does NOT contain sodium lauryl sulfate makes that go away. It is an inactive ingredient so its not always on the tube.
Trader Joes sells some and most of the kids toothpastes don't include it.

Blablover5 said...

Thanks, I might have to try that. They were inactive for a good 6 months or so when I suddenly got a not fun stomach flu and they're popping up in droves again.

Guilty Secret said...

Ouch ouch ouch.

(Sorry no advice, just sympathy.)