Friday, April 4, 2008

If you haven't heard

Stamps are going up, yet again. So if you have to be sending out a crap ton of invitations (assuming you actually want people at your wedding) you might want to go out now and buy a truck load of those forever stamps.

I've heard that you can get some fancy pants stamps for your wedding (because there's no way your invitations are fancy enough). But for me, I'm just gonna go a bit more old school.

I keep having a variation on a wedding dream where for some reason we've moved everything up super early (I think this time it was july) so we didn't have time to get any of the fun stuff done. No getting all dressed up as bridezilla, no getting to make horrible mints with my best friend (and MOH), no getting made a dork by being covered in toilet paper by previously mentioned friend.

Okay, so I may not miss the last one as much.

Either I'm becoming all anxious about the wedding plans, or taking into account some of my other dreams (such as a spy team having to rescue a dog that was disguised as a pig) my brain might just be making shit up again.

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Guilty Secret said...

I have to admit, I find the bridal obsession with stamps a little weird...