Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I don't care

I realize that as a bride I am expected to micromanage every tiny little detail of this crazy turbulent roller coaster ride known as a wedding. But when meeting with our "Music coordinator player" (better known as my flower girls brother) all we told him was that we wanted Vivaldi's Autumn played at some point as we're getting married in October. (Get it, autumn--fall, ha ha ha)

Otherwise I don't give a flip what the bridal party walks down the aisle to, what I'm supposed to, what plays while we light a candle on fire, and what everyone listens to while the monkey brings around beverages.

My fiancee and I just never really cared one way or the other what music is playing (of course he's Catholic so the idea of music before church is so foreign to him he almost breaks out in hives) so we put our trust in our friend who we knew could come up with something different and also something he can play exceptionally well.

There's talk that I'll either be walking down the aisle to the Darth Vader theme or the Darth Maul one. Honestly I didn't even know he had one. Either way, it'll make for a very interesting day of surprises.

And I can just imagine the time I managed to stave off my death thanks to me not obsessing about what music should play to tell the guests that we're now switching from seating to standing. Ah the joys of outsourcing.


Guilty Secret said...

Nice move - delegate the stuff you don't care much about and make people feel important :)

Sylvia said...

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