Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Whole New Wedding

Last night I just up and decided to hell with it, I'm going to change all the plans that we've made so far.

For starters instead of my simple white dress that is actually a bridesmaids one, I'm going with a super expensive, mortgage your house one. Plus I think I can hide some fruit in the ruffles for nourishment throughout the day.

I also realized that I have been acting waaay too lenient with my bridesmaids. Instead of them being able to pick their own dresses and colors, I'm going to make all of them wear something that could compete with a bag lady's outfit (and would also be the same as trying to buy three shopping carts).

And to go with all of these super special and magnificent dresses we have to get married at some place even more over the top. I was a bit worried due to physical restraints of having to stay within this state but I actually found myself a midwest castle.
We may even get ourselves some of these to go with it.

Trying to think of a dinner menu, I think we should go for something unexpected. So after much soul searching and testing, we've decided we should have lobster stuffed with tacos.

And what would a wedding be without some special favors for your numerous ravenous guests. Sure some people will have a photobooth there, or give everyone some candy in cute little tulle bags. We've decided to do both and have a photobooth that turns candy into your image and will then wrap it into a tulle bag.

Finally after a magical day we'll speed off to our antarctic honeymoon in a horse drawn super carriage!

Whew, glad I got all that done on today of all days.

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