Monday, April 14, 2008

It's everyone elses damn day

If I have to hear the phrase "It's your day" anymore I am gonna scream.

Here's just an example of where all you can find it.
  1. It's your day -The planning hell
  2. It's your day-with annoying music
  3. It's your day-it even gets its own bloody boquet
  4. It's your day-so you got to look hot
  5. It's your day-Even the damn cake is just yours
If there is one thing I have learned as I get deeper into wedding planning it's that it isn't your day (or your finacee's). It's just as much the parents/grandparents/siblings/friends/pets/doctors day. Everyone has something that they always wanted and if you want to keep the peace just humor them, then you damn well better have it.

It's a good idea to just ask people what their expectations are. Everyone has different traditions from "The Dollar Dance" (which considering where my fiancees family comes from I might have to look into) to a Unity candle. Not to mention all the things the Mothers always thought you just had to have. Personally I raw the line at a giant ice fountain.

I am almost tempted to get one of those stupid "Bride" baseball caps and put underneath it in marker "please bring your questions to anyone else."

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Guilty Secret said...

Ah, you're giving in and admitting this isn't just about you and more... dangerous tactic.

I am still hanging on to my sign saying, "this is our thing, so fuck off!" slowly sinking, but not letting go...