Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I really am a geek

So we're starting to get closer and closer to the big day (can't wait for that chance to celebrate our first vernal equinox together) and I figured with the weather getting nicer I should look into trying to get into some sort of shape. After much looking and research I realized that I couldn't become rhombus shape. Instead I went with a random fitness DVD that included some posture ideas (turns out stooping is bad).

Well aside from the fact that it totally kicked my ass, I had a realization that one of the girls in the background you know just generally smiling way too much for inflicting so much pain on other is a dead ringer for Lister from Red Dwarf. I wish I was kidding, but she's even kinda built like him too.

Considering Dave Lister's lifestyle I'm not sure if that's how I'd really like to look like on my wedding day. I just look terrible with dreadlocks.

Another hope with all this fitness working out stuff is that I will get strong enough to be able to work the kick pedal on RockBand so I can play hard and we can get more than a half a million fans. Yeah, we're a sad sad couple.


Guilty Secret said...

Oh my God I love Red Dwarf! I can't tell you how much it brightened up my day to see a picture of Lister this morning! :-D

Blablover5 said...

Lister rules, though I do admit I have a possible small crush on Rimmer. I know, I need help.