Thursday, April 29, 2010

Eerie Tree Painting

Last night was the big auction and while I haven't heard anything specific about my lot they did raise $1200 for charity. Go Whimsicle!

While I wait to find out the fate of my painting here are a few new ones that aren't as full of whimsy as they could be but there is some spooky and tiny red hair thrown in for good measure.

This is my 18X24. I was going for something a bit eerie. A haunted forest in front of a large setting moon. The forest was driving me nuts as I first painted it a far too bright blue and kept darkening it but not too much.  So I'd go back and forth with the black wash and the blue/gray.

Then I finally added a little haze around the trees so you could pretend it's fog, steam, or all the souls of trees that had to die to make the support structures of the painting.
I'm actually only charging $55 for this one because it wasn't too hard to make. Or I've got my trees down to a science.

I'd just listed it yesterday but it already made it into a treasury.

I also finished another pendant. I wanted to create something fairy like so I got the idea to paint a flower and then at first I wanted to add just one fairy flitting around the flower. But then I thought, where's the fun in that.?

Using my steady hand I added four fairies to my tiny pendant. Here's a picture of it next to a quarter to show just how insane I am:
There are more pictures of it in various garden type settings here. As seems to happen whenever I create anything with a lot of texture it looks a lot better in person. The flower's the most eye catching part and then as you get close the fairies sort of pop out as your eye realizes what they are.

I have one more painting to roll out of the workshop but maybe I'll tie that in when I get the news on how my invisible wedding people did at the Regretsy auction.

Keep watching the skies!

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