Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I'm in an article

That cold November morn when I decided to send in a link to my wedding dress paintings to Helen Killer (aka April Winchell) at Regretsy I went through a dizzying range of emotions: Excitement, Fear, Doubt, Hunger, Ennui, Curiosity, Pie and finally Astonishment (I'm lobbying with Webster to turn Pie into a recognized emotion).

It was interesting stalking the Etsy forums to see those who either hated the whole Regretsy idea or were perhaps a bit jealous of all the attention a featured store and subsequent book deal would get. Throw in the fact that those who say played along and were in on the joke got even more exposure and made more sales and the animosity was as thick as the grime in a chain smokers house.

I guess the whole argument always confused me a bit, so it's terrible that one website is making fun of crafters but another that say makes fun of bad cakes that's just hilarious? Or one that makes fun of people at Wal-Mart? Or say wants parents to STFU?

People have been satirizing others since those days of half goat creatures best known to the Greeks as satyrs.

And I must say that compared to your Cakewrecks where the bakeries or the Wal-Mart people's mullet tamers are never mentioned, Winchell has done a lot to help out those that Regretsy benefits from.

I already mentioned the promise of a free banner for a week advertising, and now I just learned courtesy of an e-mail from her that my shop was one mentioned in a list of favorites for an article about the Regretsy Book:
While I may have been doubtful I'd make the cut, or that I'd get many sales from any exposure (eternal pessimist table for one!) I've never once regretted winding up on Regretsy.

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