Thursday, April 8, 2010

Inspiration attack!

My brain moves in mysterious ways. I thought I had it figured out once, believing it moved tangentially from right to left to the plane of existence where all the missing socks wind up but then one day it came up with nothing but old dryer sheets and I was back to square one.

An example, one night for no good reason I came up with this little vignette:
Welcome to the UnDead Bake sale - we're raising money for the vampire squad. They've needed new coffins for years. Thanks to all the holes they've lost a good 10 vamps a year due to sunlight leakage.

Over in the corner you'll see the ghouls hosting bngo (we had to remove the "I" because they had a habit of taking out their ow...n eye). And of course everyone's favorite, the Cake Shamble.

Might want to go easy on the Devil's Food Cake. The demons were a little heavy handed with the brimstone this year.

The local witches coven 312 brought in something bubbling and hissing and it's oh Baked Alaskan. Looks like it might be a Palin.

Frankenstein has a lovely assortment of no bake cookies (for obvious reasons, we don't want a repeat of last years fudge).
Et cetera et cetera

Before all this social media stuff that would have been something to entertain me and maybe one other companion for a few hours before lost to the ether. But now I can inflict it with the entire world! MWHAHAHAHAHAHA

Where it usually then dies a quick five minutes of entertainment death. But this time I got a little something out of it.

Apparently my little UnDead bake sale idea stirred the mind of an on-line comic artist. We traded links, me to Zombie Lawyer (who has sadly slipped this mortal coil after I spilled water all over his picture) and her to her comic.

Which is super duper fantasmigal awesomeness (I may or may not employ hyperbole, but I swear I never lock it in at night).

It's called the Skeleton Crew and if like me you're entertained with zombies, skeletons, vamps and other things that go bump in the night you should really go check it out.
It hasn't gotten too far so there aren't a ton of back issues to slog through and it's a great way to kill some time waiting for a morning, afternoon, or premidnight train.

As for me, I'm off to contemplate what Easter would be like if the Leprechauns tried to take it over.

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