Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Film My Tweet

Twitter - either you get it or you like telling small humans to extricate themselves off your verdigris plot.

The fast moving stream of 140 characters from every corner of the globes blase masses invading your screen depending upon if the whale is flying or not.

But twitter's lost its street cred, it's just not as uh? inspiring as it once was. So I thought of a great idea, what if you had computer based actors recite your tweets for you?

Thus was born my #filmmytweet Xtranomal/twitter relationship. It began with this one:

Or there's this bad boy:

Now I'm hunting twitter with my specially calibrated funny gun finding peoples tweets that are either entertaining out of context or just need a special rock on added to end (like this one):

Give it a few months, make sure I piss off Rush Limbagh and this should be a huge internet meme for a week or so.

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