Monday, April 26, 2010

I choo-choo-choose you

As some of you may have heard, facebook announced last week its plans to claim various chunks of the web like a greedy prospector with a hidden stash of small flags using its famous like button.

Before too long that little thumbs up will grace not just the f-book (why that acronym hasn't taken off I can't imagine *frantic whispering* Oh . . .) but all corners of this totally tubular network. They have plans to interact, connect and funnel every little thing you like back to all your friends and families on the book (and somehow use that info to break into Fort Knox and hide poison in women's cosmetics).

It's their first big gauntlet throwdown at Google's feet. The question is if Google will accept the challenge and come this summer roll out with its line of four story Googlebots to have a giant smackdown fight with the Defacebookcons over the backdrop of a fairly empty interstate.

We here at Introverted Wife thanks to some insider information from Al the janitor are pleased to share with you secret Facebook information: there will be a second button.

And I must say it's about damn time too. People have been clamoring, joking and just generally making rather giant donkeys out of themselves about it.

What? Oh and it seems we even have working images of the new button in action. Give me a minute to dig through the various jpg piles on my desk here. Hey that sandwich from last monday. Ah there we go.

Drum Roll please.

Most website interaction is a flitting thing, maybe once or twice a week you visit. You all know its nothing serious. But you don't want the poor little youtube video to think its anything serious so you say that while you  it you're not ready for a commitment.

Then one day, when you least expect it, while curling up at Starbucks the blog of your dream wanders across your mouse and visions of white picket fences and well manicured XML dance through your head.

How do you explain to all your friends/family/old classmates/random people you think you might have known at one point but you forget that this is the site for you?

May I give you, the Like Like Button:
No more ambiguity, now everyone on the playground -- I mean facebook -- will know exactly what you "like" and what you "like like."

Now we just have to wait for the giant robot social wars of '010. I hear twitter has plans to throw in its own glove in the form of a mechanized owl from a Greek God to help an idiot that can't keep track of his hat. I give them 2 minutes, tops.

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