Monday, April 19, 2010

Welcome to the Tee Lab

You know, it's been a few weeks since I last made something that I could stick up on a t-shirt.

I really need to rectify that.

Sit right there.

I'll be back soon, I promise.

Why don't you wait in the Introverted Wife lounge in the meantime. I hear the TV in there finally got color.

*random noises trickle in as you inspect the half full peanut vending machine*
Sonnofadonkey! Who put this here?

Hm . . . needs more goat. Yes, more, more, more . . . MORE!

Too much, take it back.

Hang on, I got a great idea! Let's do it in Plaid!

No, no, no, no . . . I men Yes!

There we go, all done. Hope you enjoy your T-shirt design. We got a bit off the mark for a while trying to recreate Girl with a Pearl Earring using nothing but Peeps, but I think we're really onto something now.

One of the boys is cleaning off your windshield and vacuuming out the interior. We should have your finished T-shirt to you in 4-6 weeks minimum.
Or I was approached by a lovely couple on twitter and asked to design something for a little MST3K slumber party get together they are calling Riffstock.

If you have no idea what MST3K is you may want to just give up and go get a snowcone. Try my favorite flavor, plain. For those that do, this is the insanity my hours of tinkering created:
I took the old Woodstock poster and did some tweaking. Okay a lot of tweaking, and the addition of a couple of bots and some inside jokes hidden amongst the text.

A not all that quick removal of the background and I had a T-shirt all ready to go for Riffstock '10:
I'm having a lot of fun making these things. Some of it's the challenge of can I get these pixels to do what I have in my head and some of it's just the gobsmacking realization that one of my crazy ideas could actually be so awesome it would be permanently placed upon a piece of cotton polyblend til the end of time or it starts to fray and winds up in a rag box.

Welp I best slink back to my T-shirt shop and check on my assistant. He's been chewing his way through the gate a lot lately. May have to look into reinforced steel soon.

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