Thursday, April 22, 2010

I will break your back, Hollywood!

My husband and I have strange eerie ways of passing the time. Things that if I shared with you could  turn your hair white as you struggle thanks to societal conventions to fight back the laughter hissing out your trachea.

We're just that nerdy.

As proof, I'd like to present object B. A hotly debated sitcom idea we share late at night that is sure to turn my face red as scenes play out on the flat screen of my brain (don't leave your brain trapped between two thick books at night).
There's something about the giant loveable breaker of the bat struggling through sitcom life as he overreacts to every little set back and freaks out threatening to break all in his path. Sort of like a Hulk joke but much more obscure.

The little parenting joke then lead to an exchange where in I wondered if Bane really is a great parenting technique. Which then lead to another T-shirt design (doesn't everything anymore?)
It's kinda funny but coming up with the design of all these things is the easy part. It's sitting down and deciding just which font captures the feel and look I'm going for best that makes me want to pull out my hair and run screaming down the road.

Clearly I have bigger issues than I thought.

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